A huge ‘Hello’ !

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Hey everyone,

I am Akshaya, an aerospace engineer with a passion for all things non-aerospace i.e, cheesecakes, avocados and magic. When I am not staring at large, boring screens, I like to travel, think, take photos and write. I have always wanted my little corner in the internet where I can be my crazy self and keep an account of what I believe best defines me, ‘Travel’. Years of procrastination has finally *cough* got the better of me and I present to you my very own travel blog *drumrolls*,


…and no, I didn’t come up with this really descriptive and clever blog name. Let us just agree that I am not the best at creativity. To prove this, the names I had in mind were, ‘akshayatravels’ (which sounds like an old travel company with rickety buses that lets you hop on and off them), ‘livetotravel’ (cheesy and mundane at best) and ‘travelingforcheesecake’ (as a cheesecake fanatic, this is not a bad idea at all, but I think one of my dear friends nailed it with ‘carelessindiantraveler’).

Previously, I used to flaunt my best travel photos regularly on Instagram. However, the idea of a travel blog has been looming in my mind for quite sometime now and it just seemed apt that I upgraded myself from the fancy, colorful and ubiquitous world of Instagram hashtags to a calmer and esoteric travel community that I am hoping to discover here.

Travel Trip Map Direction Exploration Planning Concept

Photo Credit : PeacefulDumplings

As a budget student-backpacker for most of my life, infinite internet searches to locate and isolate the best bargains were commonplace among my cherished herd of travelers. Before embarking on a willful adventure, I love to read up and educate myself as much as possible. Like other travelers, I have spent endless hours reading the latest blogs spanning far and wide in the blackhole called the world wide web. Butttt, unfortunately, most of the blogs that I have come across focuses on ‘luxury travel’. Thus, although I was able to grasp a feel for the destination pinned on my map, I couldn’t gather a lot of information from one particular blog-post! This is not to say that I am not immensely grateful and extremely appreciative of the fact that these blog-posts exist, because, I sooo totally am! However, since I realized that ‘budget travel’ is a rather uncommon ‘common’ style of travel among the younger generation, I wanted to create something that fellow backpackers like me could instantly relate to. Therefore, this tiny, hidden corner in an otherwise vast ocean of travel blogging will focus on different pages from my ‘budget’ travel diaries…

Since you have made it this faaar, I am guessing that you are interested in my humble attempt at documenting my eccentric travel tales (which is AWE-some) ! As a parting note, I would like to leave you all with a couple of shots that portray me in my natural habitat 😉


Until next time,



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